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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Number One & Party Balloon Birthday Cookies

Here we have some lovely bright & cheerful cookies for a 1st birthday that were a lot of fun to make.

There were two designs, stripy red & yellow number one's & red, green, yellow & blue party balloons.

They were vanilla flavour sugar cookies & were decorated with a vanilla flavoured royal icing.

I think the party balloons would look just great with a little piece of ribbon tied around the end of each one as if it were the balloons string.

These cookies would actually have complemented a cake I made for another order really well which was the Number 1 Birthday Cake. They would of made for a fantastic spread if paired up together however they were for a separate occasion.

Lovely when packaged up into cute little pairs!


  1. These look lovely and I love the little highlights on the balloons and the colours are just right.

  2. how good are your cakes cesca,my kids would love them!well done keep up the good work lez

  3. I love these - I will definitely be sending some peeps your way - yaaay Cesca!

  4. Birdwatcher says

    How can we get them in the UK



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