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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Cake Cake

This cake is a little strange & rather whimsical.

As you can see it is a cake that I have actually decorated to look like cake, I know why bother you may ask but I think it is a really fun cake & I love this kind of look.

The 6" round cake (approx 10 regular serves) was layers of 'Berrylicious Bling' (white chocolate & berry mud cake) with a strawberry buttercream filling.

Firstly I covered the cake with pink marshmallow fondant before adding the the dripping chocolate ganache (which is actually modelling chocolate with a little fondant added).

I created the cream swirls, strawberries & sprinkle all out of fondant as well.

& finally for the finishing touch I made a funky little candle out of fondant, my favourite bit I think, I love the flame!

Make a wish!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bright Butterfly & Flower 1st Birthday Cupcakes

I have to say that the butterfly & flower theme would have to be one of my most popular ones, especially for little girls birthdays.  I do however like to make each creation a little different so that no two orders are the same & everyone gets something a little bit individual.

So here is one of my latest butterfly & flower creations for a beautiful little girls 1st birthday.

I just loved the vibrant combination of colours I used for these cupcakes, I think they worked really well together.

The cake was 'Killer Chocolate' (chocolate fudge butter sponge) topped with a chocolate ganache buttercream frosting swirl.

I sprinkled the cupcakes with pink sugar pearls as well as a little dusting of edible silver glitter.

I made all the toppers from marshmallow fondant which included 3 different sizes of butterflies all with different embossed patterns, several different types of flowers, some leaves & some number 1's.

they they went down very well "They where a great hit - with both the kids & adults. Thanks Heaps" Erin

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creamy Caramel Cupcakes

Some more 'Deluxe Gourmet' cupcakes here, they were a gift box of a dozen filled caramel cupcakes for delivery from a mother to her daughter's place of work on her birthday, what a lovely surprise & a thoughtful mum.

Hmm where do I start, well the cake was 'Killer Chocolate' (chocolate fudge butter sponge) & the frosting was a caramel Italian meringue buttercream.

I filled each individual cupcake with a gooey homemade caramel.  Then after adding the generous buttercream swirl I drizzled some more caramel on top of each one.

Next I sprinkled them all with chunks of some caramelised white chocolate that I made.

Then yet another drizzle, this time with melted dark chocolate.

& the final crowning glory was of course an individual caramel this time.

I receive lovely feedback from both mother & daughter "She said they were wonderful!!! The staff all really like them – I guess you will be getting some more business from this! Thanks for all your help." Cathy
"They were SO delicious! Thank you so, so much - I had an awesome birthday and the cupcakes really made my day. Have passed your info to ALL my friends and workmates." Renee

1st Holy Communion Cupcakes

I received a call from a lovely lady inquiring about cupcakes for a 1st holy communion.

She wanted to give each child an individual boxed cupcake to help them celebrate & wondered if it would even be possible to do a topper with a related design but of course it was, so this was what I created.

The cake was 'Snow White' (white chocolate mud cake) & the frosting was vanilla buttercream.

The colour scheme was white & gold so I used gold foil cupcake cases this time paired with pure white buttercream.

I then added edible gold glitter & gold cashous (sugar pearls) to each cupcake.

For the toppers I made round discs with a gold rim, I added a gold chalice in the center with the host coming out of it, then on either side of the chalice I added some grapes & a loaf of bread.  They were all made using fondant & edible dusts & pens.

You can really see the gold effect in this shot.

Here they are all boxed up & ready to hand out to the children.

I just love the way they set up the boxes in a cross formation, what a great effect.

& here is one of the happy young gentleman receiving his yummy cupcake treat. to take home.

I later received a lovely thank you email saying "The cupcakes for the children making their 1st Holy Communion were amazing! You are so creative and talented. What a wonderful design on top of the white mud cake. Everyone was blown away with them. Great job! Thanks" Donna

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thomas The Tank Engine Cake

This Thomas the Tank Engine cake was one I made for one of my son's for his 4th birthday.

I'm afraid it was a bit of a rush job so it is far from prefect but I though you might like to see it anyway, (such is the life of the poor cake decorators child, always getting last minute cakes, lol).

He is of course a big Thomas the Tank fan so he was thrilled with the cake anyway but if I have had more time I would of added railway tracks to the cake board, some little pieces of coal in the back of Thomas, as well as a Fat Controller figurine to stand next to him.

Normally the number on the side of Thomas is a number 1 but naturally I changed it to a number 4 as it was his 4th birthday.

The cake itself was a 'Midnight Delight' (dark chocolate mud cake) with layers of chocolate ganache.  It is always hard to say how many serve a sculpted cake is but I would estimate that this one would be approx 45-55 regular serves. 

The covering & all decorations on the cake are marshmallow fondant.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lightening McQueen Baby Shower Cupcakes

These cute & fun cupcakes were for a baby shower.  The mother to be knew that she would be having a beautiful baby boy & had decorated his nursery with a Cars & Lightening McQueen theme so a lovely friend decided that that would be a great theme for the baby shower cupcakes she was getting for her.

There were 3 dozen cupcakes altogether, 1 dozen with Lightening McQueen toppers, 1 dozen with "I's a Boy" toppers & 1 dozen with "Pitter Patter of Little Feet" toppers.

The cake flavour was 'Blondie' (vanilla butter cake) which was topped with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream frosting, tinted blue.  Followed by some red sugar sprinkles & then of course the 3 different toppers which I hand made using fondant, royal icing, edible dusts & edible pens.

Lightening was quite tricky & took forever to do but I was pretty happy with how he turned out.

Apparently they went down very well.  "They were a big hit, I think most of the girsl from the shower got your number :) Thanks again!" Jessica

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chocolate Coconut Rough Cupcakes

Here we have some more of my decadent 'Deluxe Gourmet' cupcakes.  I have to say of all the cupcakes I make these 'Deluxe Cafe Style' ones are the ones that I would be most likely to sneak one of, they always look soooo tempting!

These particular ones were for a birthday gift box for a young lady who was turning 21 & celebrating with a lovely meal at a local Italian restaurant Sorbellos, what a great dessert for everyone!

I was told that she wanted something with lots of chocolate & that her favorite chocolate was Cadburys Coconut Rough so these were my creations, what do you think?

The cake for the cupcakes was 'Midnight Delight' (dark chocolate mud cake), I frosted them with a rich chocolate ganache buttercream using real melted chocolate of course.  Next I topped them all with a really generous amount of large chunks of Cadburys Coconut Rough & a sprinkle of white sugar crystals. 

The crowning glory for each cupcake was a beautiful individual Ferrero Raffaello chocolate (which consists of an almond surrounded by a soft cream, wrapped in a coconut wafer shell and coated in coconut), & as if that wasn't enough I thought a final drizzle of rich chocolate ganache is never a bad thing is it?

Go one then, just one more close up.....

Big Red Hibiscus Birthday Cake

I love this cake it is so bright & fun!

Apparently this little girl's mum had very specific instructions when it came to her birthday cake & it absolutely had to have a big red hibiscus on the top so her mum contacted me to see if it was possible & of course I was more then happy to create a cake for them (I love making sugar flowers).

This cake was an 8" round (approx 25 regular serves) & had 3 layers of 'Rainbow Tie Dye' (multi colour vanilla butter cake), which is really bright when cut into & great fun for the kids.  The frosting in between the layers was a vanilla Italian meringue buttercream, the cake was then covered in a layer of the same frosting before being covered with a final coating of homemade marshmallow fondant.

There were no other instructions for the cakes design (just the all important big red hibiscus) so I decided to carry on the theme for the rest of the cake by using those fun summer hibiscus prints you can get for inspiration.  

The secondary colour I decided to use was yellow, which I took from the center of red hibiscuses & their stamens.

I hand cut all of the red 'print' design flowers & leaves out of fondant which was very time consuming but I was really happy with the effect.

As I said before I love to make sugar flowers & this hibiscus was no exception.  They are often a big challenge here in Mackay due to the high humidity (sugar hates humidity) but so worth it I think, don't you & hopefully the birthday girl was pleased with it too.

I also made some smaller more whimsical hibiscuses in the contrasting yellow with red centers to scatter around the base of the cake.

I was told on my facebook page that "everyone loved the cake" & "it was delicious!"


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