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Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Vase' Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was such a lovely & unusual design, the original design is by Sweet Art & was given to me to recreate by the bride.

The wedding reception was held at the beautiful Dolphins Heads Resort in Mackay but silly me forgot my camera when I delivered & set up the cake so no photos of it at the venue yet but hopefully I will be able to get some later.

It features a combination of two different cake design elements, the 'wonky' shape is what is know as a madhatter style & the very tall bottom tier is what is known as a double barrel or extended tier style.

In the original design the maroon/burgundy colour was a champagne sort of colour which was replaced to tie in with the wedding invitations.

The cake flavours were  'Midnight Delight' (dark chocolate mud cake) in layers filled with chocolate ganache on the bottom or extended tier & 'Snow White' (white chocolate mud cake) in 3 layers with white chocolate ganache for the top round tier.

I also made the sugar flowers for the cake which were white moth orchids.  These I finished with edible petal dusts, lustre dusts & by hand painting.

They are a little tricky to make but look really effective I think & I love to make sugar flowers.

Congratulations to you both!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pink Rose Floral Wedding Cake

This beautiful floral wedding cake featuring hand made pink roses consisted of 3 separate cakes with each one being a small version of the last & were to be displayed on a 'S' style cake stand.

One of the brides family owned the stand that they were using & the order was for pick up so unfortunately I don't have any photos of the cakes all set up on the stand, therefore I popped them onto some different height cake stands when I took my photos just to give you somewhat of an idea what they may look like when set up.  Hopefully I will be able to get hold of a photo or two from the wedding & then I will post them so you can see the proper effect.

All the cakes were different flavours.  The largest one, a 10" round (approx 35 regular serves) was 'Midnight Delight'(dark chocolate mud cake) with dark chocolate ganache filling.  The middle one, a 8" round (approx 25 regular serves) was 'Blind Dat'e (sticky date butter cake) with caramel ganache filling &  the smallest which was a 6" round (approx 10 regular serves) was 'Blondie' (vanilla butter cake) with fresh strawberry buttercream.

I covered all the cake boards with ivory fondant & embossed them with a lovely floral pattern.  Each cake had a shimmering string of pearls for the border which I dusted with lustre dust.

I hand made all the roses in various shades of pink & peach & dusted them with petal dust to highlight the petal edges.  Some I made full open bloom roses & other as rose buds.  I also added some general blossoms in ivory which were dusted with lustre dust to tie in with the pearls.

I also hand made a couple of beautiful butterflies for each cake to hover near the roses.

To finish off the design I piped a pattern of swirls & vines around the base of each set of roses.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blue & Brown Little Boys Christening Cupcakes

These adorable cupcakes were to help celebrate a precious little boys Christening  on Easter Sunday.

It was an order of 6 dozen cupcakes for a gorgeous cupcake tower display.

As you can see the colour scheme was blue & brown & I designed a variety of toppers for the cupcakes. They chose to have a mixture of novelty toppers & crosses.

The cake for the cupcake were a mixture of 'Killer Chocolate' (milk chocolate butter cake) & 'Blondie' (vanilla butter cake).  The 'Killer Chocolate' ones were topped with vanilla & white chocolate buttercream (tinted blue) & the 'Blondie' ones were topped with a rich chocolate ganache buttercream.

I used a cute little stitching effect around all of the topper discs & all of the topper were dusted with lustre dusts to give them a lovely shimmer (although you can't really see it in the photos).

For the novelty toppers we have the angel wings with halo & babies bibs.  The angel wings were my absolute favourite, so adorable I thought!

Next we have the baby bottles & tiny baby footprints (my second favourite).

& finally the baby rattles.

As usual I also designed 3 extra special toppers with a personal message for the top of the cupcake tower, on these I included some buttons (they were meant to signify being cute as a button but I am not sure if anyone will of noticed, lol).

These were the crosses that I embossed with a tiny T which was the babies initial.

The order was a pick up as they were from out of town so unfortunately I do not have any photos of the cupcake tower all set up, but I am hoping to get some from the customer & will post them as soon as I do.

Upon returning the cupcake stand the client was lovely enough to bring along some of the party favours they had given out containing little Easter eggs for my children, what a lovely thought, thank you again.

The customer said: "You had plenty of people talking about how beautiful the cup cakes looked and how yummy they were!  Thanks again for them!" Tegan & has now booked me to make another cake.


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