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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big Red Hibiscus Birthday Cake

I love this cake it is so bright & fun!

Apparently this little girl's mum had very specific instructions when it came to her birthday cake & it absolutely had to have a big red hibiscus on the top so her mum contacted me to see if it was possible & of course I was more then happy to create a cake for them (I love making sugar flowers).

This cake was an 8" round (approx 25 regular serves) & had 3 layers of 'Rainbow Tie Dye' (multi colour vanilla butter cake), which is really bright when cut into & great fun for the kids.  The frosting in between the layers was a vanilla Italian meringue buttercream, the cake was then covered in a layer of the same frosting before being covered with a final coating of homemade marshmallow fondant.

There were no other instructions for the cakes design (just the all important big red hibiscus) so I decided to carry on the theme for the rest of the cake by using those fun summer hibiscus prints you can get for inspiration.  

The secondary colour I decided to use was yellow, which I took from the center of red hibiscuses & their stamens.

I hand cut all of the red 'print' design flowers & leaves out of fondant which was very time consuming but I was really happy with the effect.

As I said before I love to make sugar flowers & this hibiscus was no exception.  They are often a big challenge here in Mackay due to the high humidity (sugar hates humidity) but so worth it I think, don't you & hopefully the birthday girl was pleased with it too.

I also made some smaller more whimsical hibiscuses in the contrasting yellow with red centers to scatter around the base of the cake.

I was told on my facebook page that "everyone loved the cake" & "it was delicious!"

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