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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simple Chocolate Buttercream Cake

Well this order was very, very short notice but luckily they only required a simple design & a buttercream finish so I managed to fit it in around my other orders.

It was an 8" round cake (approx 25 regular serves) consisting of 3 layers of my 'Killer Chocolate' cake with a rich chocolate buttercream filling & outside frosting (made with both melted chocolate & dark chocolate ganache).  It was a fairly simple design of interlocking circles & dots.

They also inquired as to if I were in the middle of making any cupcakes as they would like to have some cupcakes too but were happy to take the same as any other orders I was already doing due to the short notice.

Fortunately I was already making some 'Snow White' (white chocolate mud) cupcakes & had plenty for vanilla Italian meringue buttercream on hand so they ordered a dozen of those too.  I did however explain that I would not have time to make any toppers, but they didn't seem to mind that at all.


  1. Just beautiful!! Love the decoration on the side of the cake!!

  2. Believe I will have to forego an apple for a snack and reach for a handful of chocolate! Yum!

  3. They were wonderful and we are very grateful for the late notice....Thank you so much, that day I made you life just a little bit harder but you made my job so much easier..Thank You

  4. Oh you are most welcome :)

    I am so glad you enjoyed them & I look forward to doing something else for you in the future.



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