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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beach, Shells & Frangipani Cake & Cupcakes

An elegant & pretty beach themed cake with matching cupcakes was chosen by this customer for her 2st birthday celebration.

She was having an all white theme to her party I think this cake & the cupcake will have complemented it very well.

It was a 10" round cake (approx 35 regular serves), & was 3 layers of 'Midnight Delight' (dark chocolate mud cake) with a rich chocolate ganache filling.  It was also coated in the same ganache followed by a very thin coating of white chocolate ganache (this is done when the fondant covering will be such a light colour so that the dark chocolate colour is not visible though the fondant therefore distorting the colour).  The final finish was an ivory marshmallow fondant.

I hand made all of the shells, frangipanis & other decorations using sugar modelling paste & finished them with edible petal & lustre dusts.

As you can see I added a 21 inside the pearl shell instead of a pearl & you can't really see what they are in the photo but there are lots of little 21's lying in the bottom of the shell.

I continued this idea of the pearl shells for the young ladies name & because of this naturally I went with a pearl border for the cake.  You can also see here the edible fake sand I made to place on the cake board.

For the accompanying 3 dozen cupcakes she chose 'Killer Chocolate' (chocolate butter sponge) cake with a silky cookies & cream flavoured Italian meringue buttercream.

She wanted all frangipanis for the toppers for the cupcakes & asked for the pink coloured ones not pure white & yellow type.  As always I handmade all of these but it was a real challenge at the moment as is hitting 100% humidity at times for days on end as we are in the wet season here now & sugar flowers do not like humidity!

I used some more of the edible fake sand as sprinkles for the cupcakes to further tie them I with the cake.


  1. Oh I've always wanted to try frangipanis! You did a beautiful job!

  2. great looking frangipanis...excellant work!!!

  3. Thank you so much lovely comments guys & thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  4. Please tell me how you made shells and starfish,I want to have at my wedding marine theme and cake must be like yours with shells and starfish. Thanks in advance

  5. Absolutely beautiful you are very clever love mum xxx



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