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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Princess Doll Birthday Cake

The classic doll cake a favourite of little girls all over the world I think.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact they get a cake & a present of a doll all rolled into one!

For this particular cake I had my orders from the birthday girl that it should be a pretty pink princess but the doll cake can also easily be made into any of the Disney princess's such as Cinderella or Snow White, a fairy such as Tinkerbell or even a beautiful mermaid or ballerina.  You can also use a different type of doll to go along with the changing trends such as the Bratz dolls.

For those a bit older it is also possible to not actually use a doll at all but instead replace it with a handmade fondant tailors dummy.  The dress can then be made to look like a specific formal, bridesmaid or wedding dress.

It was 3 layers of pink lemonade cake with raspberry jam & raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream in-between the layers, then a buttercream coating & covered in home made marshmallow fondant.  All decorations are made of fondant & edible. (approx 25 regular serves).

I kept the design of this dress fairly simple, I think they can look a bit too busy if you have too much going on.  I simply used some swagging around the bottom half with a tiny handmade sugar flower at the top of each section, a sash around the waist with a bow tied at the back, a single flower at the bust & a matching necklace.

In addition made a lovely tiny little silver tiara for the princess using wire (not edible).

I also used little sugar pearls down the back of the upper part of the dress to simulate buttons.


  1. My 4 yr old is going to love this for her birthday! You make beautiful cakes!

  2. Thank you so much, glad you like it. Yes it is just perfect for a little girl isn't it.

  3. Ah wow this cake is brilliant!Beautiful!

  4. Your cakes are so beautiful! Such a lucky little girl getting this cake!

  5. Your cakes and confections are really beautiful! YOu are very talented!

  6. Your cake is stunning! Amazing job :)

  7. WOW, thank for stopping by & for all the lovely comments everyone.



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