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Products, Flavours & Pricing

All cakes are available in the flavour of your choice.  They have 3 layers and include a generous helping of the filling of your choice in-between.  All standard cakes (not 3D) are approx 3.5-4" (8-10cm) deep. They are available in two main styles of finish either buttercream/ganache or fondant. Cakes range from small understated and elegant to a large 3D, sculpted and novelty cakes, multi tiered and weddings cakes.

Each cake is priced individually and is completely dependant upon size, design and custom decorations etc.  You can however use the following prices as a guide for a basic plain covered cake with colour scheme, covered cake board & border but please do remember that this is just a starting point and extra decorating, hand modelled decorations, characters, figurines and flowers etc are extra and need to be added to this price, so please email me with your requirements for an accurate quote.  Another thing to bare in mind is that in general the bigger the cake the better value for money (cost per serve).

  • 4" Round - $50          4" Square - $60
  • 5" Round - $60          5" Square - $70
  • 6" Round - $80          6" Square - $100
  • 8" Round - $110        8" Square - $130
  • 10" Round - $130     10" Square - $160
  • 12" Round - $150     12" Square - $180
  • 3D or Sculpted - $150+

Cake Types and Flavours:
Butter Cakes – Light and moist butter sponge cake
  • Blondie - vanilla
  • Killer Chocolate - chocolate fudge
  • Black Magic - dark chocolate
  • Diablo Red Devil - red velvet
  • Mint Moment - mint choc chip
  • Jaffa - choc orange
  • Citrus Zing - any citrus flavour and poppy seeds (poppy seeds optional)
  • Custard - vanilla custard
  • Caramel - Caramel
  • Black Forest - chocolate and cherry
  • Cherry Bakewell Bombshell - almond and cherry
  • Blind Date - sticky date
  • Bananaramma - banana
  • Rainbow Tie Dye - multi coloured vanilla
  • Confetti - vanilla with multi coloured speckles
  • Sally Cinnamon - cinnamon
  • 24 Carrot Gold - carrot
  • Sugar and Spice - treacle, ginger and spice
  • Candy Bar Star - vanilla or chocolate cake studded with your choice of candy bar i.e. bounty, turkish delight, cherry ripe etc (only suitable for cupcakes & an extra charge applies)

Mud Cakes – Dense rich and moist mud cake
  • Midnight Delight - dark chocolate mud
  • Snow White - white chocolate mud
  • Creamy Caramel - caramel mud
  • Luscious Lemon - white chocolate, lemon and poppy seed mud (poppy seeds optional)
  • Dapper Jaffa - dark chocolate and orange mud
  • The Full Minty - dark chocolate and mint mud
  • Banana Bomb - white chocolate & banana
  • Hottie - dark chocolate, chilli and cinnamon mud 
  • Boozy Bliss - white or dark chocolate and baileys mud (an extra charge applies)

Frosting Types: (most frosting can be made in any flavour)
  • Fondant
  • Buttercream
  • Italian Meringue Buttercream
  • Marshmallow Meringue
  • Pastry Cream/Custard

Some popular buttercream flavours include but are not limited to:
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate (milk, dark or white)
  • Caramel
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Custard
  • Mint Choc Chip
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Chocolate Hazelnut
  • Chocolate Marshmallow
  • Milo
  • Honeycomb
  • Malted Milk
  • Almond
  • Cherry
  • Berry (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry or mixed berry)
  • Summer fruit (passion fruit, mango or peach)
  • Citrus (lemon, lime or grapefruit)
  • Banana
  • Gingernut Crunch
  • Baileys
  • Rum
  • Chocolate Chilli Cinnamon

Some popular ganache flavours include:
  • Dark Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Caramel Chocolate
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Orange Chocolate
  • Hazelnut Chocolate
  • Cherry Chocolate
  • Berry (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry or mixed berry) Chocolate

    Available in 2 sizes regular or mini and 3 styles, either 'Plain/sprinkles' 'Custom Couture' or 'Deluxe Gourmet'. Minimum order is 1 dozen for regular size or 2 dozen for mini, (filled cupcakes are extra).

    'Plain/sprinkles'  cupcakes consist of a cake type and flavour of your choice with either a deep frosting swirl finish (in a flavour of your choice) or a thin layer of frosting covered with a marshmallow fondant finish.  Topped with sprinkles if you wish. Regular $.3.75 each for frosting finish or $5.00 each for fondant finish.  Mini $2.00 each for frosting finish, $2.75 each for fondant finish.

    'Custom Couture' cupcakes consist of a cake type and flavour of your choice with either a deep frosting swirl finish (in a flavour of your choice) or a thin layer of frosting covered with a marshmallow fondant finish. These are then topped with custom designed and handmade personalised couture marshmallow fondant cupcake toppers to perfectly match any possible theme and colours you can imagine. Regular from $4.25, mini from $2.25 per cupcake for simple designs such as shapes, numbers and initials, Regular from $5.00, mini from $2.75 for more complex designs such as simple flowers and objects, Regular from $7.00, mini from $3.75 for extra special designs such as characters, animals and complex flowers, (filled cupcakes are extra).

    'Deluxe Gourmet' cupcakes consist of a cake type and flavour of your choice with a deep frosting swirl finish. They are then topped with decorations such as chocolates, caramels/toffee, fresh fruit or sprinkles etc to match the chosen flavour or colours. Finally they are finished with a drizzle of rich sauce such as chocolate, fudge, toffee, fruit coulis etc. Regular $6.50, mini $3.50 per cupcake.

    'Deluxe Gourmet' Cupcakes flavours:

    • Hokey Pokey 
    • Creamy Caramel 
    • Baileys Bomb (extra charge)
    • Truffle Shuffle 
    • Triple Choc Fudge 
    • Cookies and Cream 
    • S,mores 
    • Coconut Rough 
    • Black Forest 
    • Lemon Meringue 
    • Raspberry Ripple 
    • Dapper Jaffa
    • Creme Brulee
    • The Full Minty 
    • Rum and Raisin 
    • Cherry Bakewell 
    • Milkbar Malt 
    • PB and J
    • Rocky Road
    • Sticky Date 
    • Strawberry Shortcake
    • Cinnamon Jam Doughnut
    • Pavlova
    • Tim Tam
    • Musk Stick

    French style macarons consist of 2 extremely light almond based biscuits with a slight crust to the outer shell & a soft, just chewy center which encase a rich & luxurious ganache or buttercream.  Available in a huge array of flavours, they can be customised to suit any colour scheme. $2.50 each, minimum order is 12 (1 dozen)

    Cake pops are essentially cake truffles on a stick consisting of yummy moist sponge or mud cake combined with a rich buttercream or ganache & coated in a layer of chocolate. They can be customised to suit any colour scheme. $3.50 each, minimum order is 12 (1 dozen)

     All sugar cookies are individually custom designed and hand decorated with a mixture of royal icing and marshmallow fondant to match the chosen theme and colours. They are available packaged in 3 different styles, either a general platter/gift box, gift bags/party favours/bombonieres or cookie pops. Minimum order is 1 dozen.

    General platters/gift boxes are not individually wrapped but instead boxed together and ready to transfer to a party platter or give as a gift. (from $4.00 per cookie)

    Gift Bags/Party Favours/Bombonieres (for your guests to take home) which can contain either 1 or 2 sugar cookies (in a flavour of your choice) These cookies are each placed into their own clear cellophane gift bag, tied with matching ribbon & finished with a gift tag featuring a message for your choice. (from $5.50 per 1 cookie bag or from $10.00 per 2 cookie bag)

    Cookie Pops are sugar cookies that are on long sticks like a lollipop and can be packaged in either a general platter/gift box style or gift bag/party favour style. (from $5.50 per cookie pop or from $6.00 per cookie pop individually bagged)

    Sugar Cookie Flavours:
    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate
    • Almond
    • Cinnamon
    • Lemon
    • Orange
    • Choc chip (chocolate chips can be added to any of the above flavour to make double choc chip, orange choc chip etc, extra cost applies)

    I have many cake and cupcake stands available for hire to really give your order great impact.  You cake see my whole range on the 'Stand Hire' page of this blog.

    Small Cupcake Stands are great for the smaller orders and each hold 1 dozen cupcakes. $10 each (a $30 security deposit is required for this but is completely refunded upon safe return of the cupcake stand).

    Medium Cupcake Stands each hold 1 1/2 - 2 dozen cupcakes. $20 each (a $50 security deposit is required for this but is completely refunded upon safe return of the cupcake stand).

    Large Cupcake Stands are perfect for the large orders such as weddings and birthday cupcake towers. These hold around 80-90 cupcakes. $40 each (a $100 security deposit is required for this but is completely refunded upon safe return of the cupcake stand).

    Delivery of your order is available if required and is $10 (Mackay area only).

    *All prices are subject to change without notice.


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