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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chocolate Coconut Rough Cupcakes

Here we have some more of my decadent 'Deluxe Gourmet' cupcakes.  I have to say of all the cupcakes I make these 'Deluxe Cafe Style' ones are the ones that I would be most likely to sneak one of, they always look soooo tempting!

These particular ones were for a birthday gift box for a young lady who was turning 21 & celebrating with a lovely meal at a local Italian restaurant Sorbellos, what a great dessert for everyone!

I was told that she wanted something with lots of chocolate & that her favorite chocolate was Cadburys Coconut Rough so these were my creations, what do you think?

The cake for the cupcakes was 'Midnight Delight' (dark chocolate mud cake), I frosted them with a rich chocolate ganache buttercream using real melted chocolate of course.  Next I topped them all with a really generous amount of large chunks of Cadburys Coconut Rough & a sprinkle of white sugar crystals. 

The crowning glory for each cupcake was a beautiful individual Ferrero Raffaello chocolate (which consists of an almond surrounded by a soft cream, wrapped in a coconut wafer shell and coated in coconut), & as if that wasn't enough I thought a final drizzle of rich chocolate ganache is never a bad thing is it?

Go one then, just one more close up.....

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