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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Butterfly & Blossom Birthday Cupcakes & Cookies

This latest order was to celebrate a special little girls 1st birthday with some very special cupcakes & cookies.

The client requested a theme of lots of pretty pink & butterflies & also pointed out some flowers that she had seen & loved on a previous post for vanilla floral cupcakes.  I also incorporated just a small amount of purple to give a little contrast to the pinks. They turned out so beautiful & girly, just right for a gorgeous little princess' 1st birthday I think.

There were 5 dozen cupcakes all up I couldn't quite get them all in the photo but don't they look totally yummy all lined up in rows like that.

The cake for these cupcakes was 'Confetti' (speckled vanilla butter cake).  The 'confetti' effect meant that there are little tiny flecks of bright colours all through the cake which looks like confetti, this was a great choice as it is always a big hit with children.  The frosting was a smooth & silky vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.

As well as all the butterfly & blossom toppers I also included a set of 3 special toppers with a message which read HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1 on top of a flower shaped cutouts & were then finished with tiny flowers & butterflies.

The delicate blossoms & butterflies that topped each cupcake I created using homemade marshmallow sugarpaste & finished with accents & highlights using edible petal dusts, lustre dusts, & sugar pearls.

I made a few different styles flowers but mainly focused on the one which the client had seen before & liked so much & made it in a variety of sizes & in 2 shades of pink.

The butterflies I crafted in 3 different sizes in order to compliment the various size flowers.  The largest butterflies had room for the most detail & decorations & I finished these in a more 'whimsical' style complete with little eyes & smiles as I thought this would be more appropriate for a young child's cake.

This order also included lots of wonderful cookie gift/favour bags for the party guests to take as a really lovely & unique way to say thank you for celebrating our little girls birthday with us.

The pink & butterfly theme was continued on with the cookies.  They were almond flavoured sugar cookies flooded with pink raspberry flavoured royal icing.  I made the butterflies bodies using marshmallow fondant & decorated the spots on the wings with tiny sugar pearls.

Each individual cookie was placed into it's own cellophane sleeve, tied with a matching ribbon & finished with a tag featuring a thank you message.

For this order they also hired one of my large cupcake stands to display the cupcakes in a lovely cupcake tower fashion & they were kind enough to forward on some great photos to me of the cupcakes all set up on the stand.  Thank you.

I just love this one with young lady checking out the cupcakes.  Hopefully she is thinking I can't wait to have one of those.  Perhaps she is picking out the one she wants.

If you look very carefully in these shots you can see the confetti effect in the cake.

The customer was very happy with the cupcakes & cookies & I received some fantastic feedback as well as a lot of word of mouth orders from her daughter's birthday party.


  1. You are one talented soul These are amazing and I am sure the client was thrilled! xx

  2. You did an amazing job with your cupcakes! thanks for sharing :)



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