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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Cyclone Ului Wedding Cake!

Well this particular cake certainly has a story to tell!!!

To begin with it was a fairly short notice wedding cake.  However it was not an official wedding cake as the couple it was for had already been married over seas & so the cake was ordered by their friends who couldn't be there at the time & were throwing them an after wedding party to celebrate.  This meant that they only required something fairly small & requested a simple yet elegant design.  With that in mind the fact that it was short notice was not too much of a problem so I went ahead & took the order, not giving the current warnings of the impending cyclone a second thought (in fact it didn't even cross my mind at the time).

The party was organised for Saturday night & the cake was due to be picked up that morning & so on Friday night the cake was all completed, safe & sound in my lovely air conditioned room & looking gorgeous.

Saturday morning arrived with the news that cyclone Ului was heading straight for us & would hit late that night or early Sunday morning so naturally the party was cancelled & they phoned to see if they could leave the cake with me as everyone was busy preparing for the cyclone & getting ready for lock down.  So the cake stayed with me until Sunday afternoon when the cyclone had passed & we were told we were allowed to venture outside again.

Everything was fine until the power went out on Saturday evening which meant no air conditioning & the ridiculous humidity that the cyclone had brought along with it began to take it's toll on the cake.  Thankfully the cake actually held up very well in the end with the only real effect being slightly shiny fondant & a somewhat  droopy sugar flower.

So anyway here is the cake I designed, sorry for the bad light in the photos but I still had no electricity, in fact I ended up not having any for almost 5 days!

The cake was 3 layers of 'Midnight Delight' (dark chocolate mud) with chocolate ganache filling & coating, followed by a marshmallow fondant finish & was a 10" square cake (approx 50 desserts size serves).

The colour scheme for the cake comes from the brides dress which was this shade of purple & so I was asked for something to match that along with some white accents & a congratulations message.

As I said they had requested a fairly simple design so I went with a classic quilting pattern on the sides of the cake.  For the border I made a lace like band incorporating hearts & also added a string of sugar pearls which were all finished with a lustre dust.  The top of the cake featured a large sugar anemone that I made (which unfortunately did not fare well in the cyclones humidity) as well as some more sugar pearls.

This cake would also make a nice engagement cake I think.

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