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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Star Wars Birthday Cake

I sometimes get requests for cakes or cupcakes with themes such as Star Wars, Sesame Street, Toy Story etc that are actually for adult birthdays not kids & the customer always says something like "you must think this is a bit strange but could you possible do a 'such & such' theme but for an adult" the funny thing is it is not strange or surprising at all I get those requests all the time.

So this 6" square cake (approx 18 regular serves) was for a 40th birthday.  The cake was 3 layers of  'Berrylicious Bling' (white chocolate & berry mud) with berry buttercream in-between the layer & an outside  coating of white chocolate ganache before being covered in the marshmallow fondant.

As always the whole cake was edible with all decorations being made out of fondant with edible lustre dusts & pens used for highlights & details.

I included some the Star Wars logo & some fighting lightsabers.

The death star & R2D2.

I was told that R2D2 was the birthday boy's favourite character so naturally he had to be included but he was a lot trickier than I had imagined he was going to be, but I was happy with how he turned out in the end.


  1. Great job! R2D2 looks awesome :)

  2. How much for this R2-D2 birthday cake. What is the dimensions and able to feed how many?

  3. Wow! Great cake , I've just been ask to do a similar cake and was just finding out who to credit for the design. Although mine won't be as neat as yours...,



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