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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Triple Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

Wow this next set of 'Deluxe Gourmet' cupcakes sure did have a massive chocolate fudge hit!

They were a birthday gift box of a dozen deluxe cafe style triple chocolate fudge cupcakes.

The first thing I did was whip up a batch of my own delicious homemade chocolate fudge, then next I made some of my awesome sticky hot chocolate fudge sauce.  Once I had prepared these I moved on to the actual cupcakes.

The cake flavour I used was my 'Killer Chocolate' (chocolate fudge sponge), then I filled each cupcake with some of that sticky chocolate fudge sauce.  Next came a generous swirl of my smooth, rich chocolate buttercream.

I then topped each individual cupcake with nice big chunks of my chocolate fudge & for an extra indulgent chocolate hit I couldn't resist adding a Cadbury chocolate Flake as well.

& of course I just had to finish them all off with another good dose of that beautiful chocolate fudge sauce.

"The birthday girl loved them. Thanks again" Juile



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