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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Irukandji Jellyfish Thank You Cupcake Gift Boxes

This was quite an unusual but great fun order.

I had a phone call from a man that had unfortunately been stung by a deadly Irukandji marine stinger whilst on holiday up here on the Islands.  Luckily he was quickly flown to our local base hospital here in Mackay where he was rushed to ICU & received the care he needed to make a full recovery.

He was very happy with the treatment he received whilst at the hospital & thought the staff did a really excellent job of caring for him therefore he wanted to send them a special thank you gift & chose to send two of my cupcake gift boxes with a thank you message/card attached to each.

He thought it would be a fun & idea to include some jellyfish toppers on some of the cupcakes which I really loved the idea of, such fun.  So there were 12 jellyfish & 12 "many thanks" toppers.

He didn't mind what flavours they were so I chose these 3 flavours,

'Diablo Red Devil' (red velvet butter cake) with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream (tinted blue to represent the sea) & blue sugar sprinkles.
'Midnight Delight' (dark chocolate mud cake) with cookies & cream Italian meringue buttercream & broken Oreo pieces. 
'Blondie' (vanilla butter cake) with caramel Italian meringue buttercream & butterscotch crunch bits.

All of the topper were completely edible & made using marshmallow fondant.

I decided to make the little Irukandji jellyfish giving a cheeky little wink as I thought it was quite a fun tongue in cheek order.

On behalf of the gentleman that placed this order along with everyone else that many require their services I would just like to say a big thanks again to all the staff of the Mackay Base Hospital ICU department who do a truly selfless & wonderful job. THANK YOU!

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  1. How pretty! Love the winking jellyfish!
    come check us out-we're new!



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